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  Self-sealing bags are now a very frequently used tool in daily life, and their daily consumption is amazing. Many environmental bags are discarded because of large daily consumption. Part of the reason is that self-sealing bags are cheap and nobody cares. However, due to the characteristics of self-sealing bag itself, it is difficult to decompose and regenerate itself after being discarded randomly, which destroys the public environment.
  Self-sealing polyurethane thermoelastomer has high tear strength, usually up to 10 times of natural rubber. However, the high temperature performance of the hinge will reduce the ambient temperature higher than the energy. In terms of electrical properties, polyurethane thermosetting elastomer has a certain hydrophilicity, can absorb less moisture in the air, and reduce the potential insulation performance. Restrict the use of thermoplastic elastomers in high insulation applications other than external binaries. In most cases, the raw materials used for injection moulding are completely new. However, for some products with lower requirements, people often use recycled raw materials for injection moulding production. This can reduce costs; on the other hand, plastic materials can be recycled.
  It is conducive to environmental protection. Most thermoplastic products are recyclable, such as injection moulding, in which the tempering part is cleaner and the water aging degree is serious. Its main source has two aspects. The size and surface shape of filler have some influence on the properties of plastic bamboo. Spherical and cuboid can effectively improve the addition properties of L, but the mechanical strength is poor. On the contrary, the thinner the particles, the greater the improvement of the rigidity, impact, tensile strength and appearance of the polymer. The addition of fillers can lead to some degradation of polymer properties, such as powder fillers, which often reduce the tensile strength, tear strength and low temperature resistance of plastics.
  When a large number of moulding materials are added, the properties and surface gloss decrease, so the varieties, specifications and additions should be selected reasonably. In the selection of fillers, fillers are required to have the following properties: good dispersion of resin, large filling capacity; no reduction in the performance of resin additives and physical part of the product modification effect; water resistance, heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. A dispersing component and its energy affecting other additives; plasticizer absorbs little and has no tortuous bleaching phenomenon. For the mechanism of filler action, it is generally interpreted that the active surface of filler active particles binds to polymer chains to form cross-linking structure. When one molecule is subjected to stress, the stress can be dispersed through these crosslinks into other molecule soils:. If one of the smaller chains breaks, the other will also play a reinforcing role without rapidly affecting the entire product. Nowadays, plastic bags can be seen everywhere in our life. People naturally think of using plastic bags when they are loading things. However, plastic bags are not only convenient for people's lives, but also harmful to your health.
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